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The GBIC transceiver is high performance, cost effective module supporting dual data-rate of 1.25Gbps/1.0625Gbps and 20km,40km transmission distance with SMF.Standard serial ID information compatible with SFF-8053,RoHS Compliant.Standard serial ID information compatible with SFF-8053,RoHS Compliant.It is used for Switch to Switch interface,Switched backplane, Router/Server interface,Other optical transmission systems.

Cozlink 1.25g bidi gbic modules include 20km and 40km GBIC modules.In general,we called 1.25G BIDI mini Gbic modules as 1.25G bidi SFP modules. 1000base-bx gbic means Cisco 1000base BIDI mini gbic(SFP),we can supply 3km,10km,20km,40km,80km and 120km.

We supply the BIDI SFP transceivers, typical products are equivalent transceivers to GLC BX U, GLC BX D, GLC FE 100BX U and GLC FE 100BX D. our BIDI SFP single mode transceivers use simplex LC fiber optic port, they meet class 1 laser safety standards and compliant to IEEE standards for Ethernet networks.

Our GLC BX U and GLC BX D BIDI SFP transceivers are equivalent bidi SFP Cisco for Gigabit Ethernet, they use 1310nm and 1490nm wavelength for TX and RX, the working distance typical is 10km over single mode fiber. Our GLC FE 100BX U and GLC FE 100BX D SFP transceivers are Cisco equivalent transceivers for 100Base Ethernet, they use 1310nm and 1550nm for TX and RX, max working span is 10km. all of our BIDI SFP transceivers are compliant to SFP MSA and compatible to use with the equipment from other companies. Our products features the good price and stable quality, we keep stock for our BIDI SFP modules for fast delivery.

Cozlink Bidirectional SFP Transceivers are SFP MSA, IEEE Std 802.3 & ROHS compliant, feature 2-Wire Interface Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (SFF-8724) and are exclusive Japanese OSAs for Ultimate Reliability. BiDi SFP transceivers are available in multimode and single-mode with155mb, 1g, 2G and 4G speeds and operate a distances up to 120km. All Cozlink BiDi SFP modules are tested and certified in brand specific networks and target applications and assembled using the highest quality raw components available.

Besides,we can also supply 1000base multimode bidi sfp 1310/1550nm SC 500m modules.

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