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The Cozlink 1.25G SC GBIC Transceivers are 1X9 footprint fiber optical transceivers delivering  high performance and thus, are  cost-effective modules for serial optical data communication applications specified for single mode of 1.25 Gb/s. 1.25G SC GBIC Transceivers can be used to implement a range of Gigabit Ethernet and 1x Fiber Channel. The main components of 1.25 SC GBIC Transceivers units are - a transmitter optical subassembly, a receiver optical subassembly and an electrical subassembly. These operate at the wavelength of CWDM and are industry standards compliant. The 1.25G SC GBIC Transceivers transmit data over 40 km single mode optical fiber and are equipped with CWDM. These EN60825 compliant 1.25G DC GBIC Transceivers are Class 1 laser products.1.25G SC GBIC Transceivers find their applications in Switch to Switch interface, Switched backplane applications, Router/Server interface and Other optical transmission systems. The 1.25 SC GBIC transceivers from Cozlink are high performance, cost effective module supporting dual data-rate of 1.25Gbps/1.0625Gbps and from 40km transmission distance with SMF. Cozlink also deals in pigtails, patch cords and cables, routers etc. that contribute to sound optical fiber network.

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