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1000BASE-EX is an industry approved terms for Gigabit Ethernet transmissions. It is not a standard but a notation that specifies long range connectivity that delivers range beyond what is delivered by 1000BASE-LX/LH and 1000BASE- LX10 connectors. It is very similar to 1000BASE-LX10 but achieves longer distances up to 40 km over a pair of single-mode fibers. 1000BASE-EX delivers longer range connectivity due to the use of higher quality optics. It requires 1310nm wavelength transmission laser and supports industrial temperature range extending between 0 to 85 degree Celsius. 1000BASE-EX transceivers come with duplex LC connector and are fully compatible with other brands such as Finisar, Juniper, Prolabs, Brocade and others. Cozlink 1000BASE-EX transceivers are approved as per MSA and RoHS norms; the company also deals in compatible ports, cables, patch cords and other networking equipment.

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