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100G DWDM are required in long haul networks. The interconnects of 100G DWDM type are seen as advancement over 40g dwdm that had some technical shortcomings. Telecom industry is all set to welcome 100G DWDM and sees it as a revolution in data connectivity. The 100G DWDM is superior to 10G and 40G counterparts in terms of transmission performance, space and power dissipation and are perfect connectors for high performance networks. 100G DWDM transceivers find their best usage in access, LAN and metro networks and are fully compliant with the set industrial standards of quality and environment- friendliness. The 100G DWDM transceivers are compliant with multi-source agreements and RoHS. These are laser safe products and allow network expansions and upgradations without putting the system off due to their hot-pluggable nature.

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