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10G PCI-E Adaptor is a cost-effective solution that is used for achieving 10Gbps network connectivity at distances longer than the copper networks. This adaptor can work with any of the SFP+ transceiver and together they can connect a PCI-E based server to an optical fiber network directly. Thus, 10G PCI-E Adaptor is a smart choice for enhancing the reach and efficiency of a server or a workstation without tampering with the infrastructure. 10G PCI-E Adaptor from Cozlink conforms to industrial standards such as IEEE 802.3ae (10GBASE-LR/SR only), IEEE 802.3aq (10GBASE-LRM) and PCI Express Rev 2.0. It supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Interface and is equipped with full duplex support. Because of it max transfer rate achieved is 20Gbps. Cozlink 10G PCI-E Adaptor is fully compatible with the similar equipment from the brands such as Arista, Avaya, Brocade, IBM etc. 

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