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Cozlink 10G SC X2 Transceivers are hot-pluggable form-factor units that support the 10-Gigabit SR standard, delivering 10-Gigabit connectivity up to 300 meters on multimode fiber. These are operational across SC/UPC multi-mode fibers at 850 nm frequency and are compatible with HPE 10, and other networking solutions approved as per industry standards.  Cozlink 10G SC X2 Transceivers are compatible with Switch 2900-24, Switch 2900-48, Switch 5400zl 4p, Switch yl 10-GbE 2P, LC connector and are operational at humidity range of 0 to 95% and temperature ranging from 320 F to 1580 F. Cozlink also produces 10G SC X2 Transceivers compatible patches and cords, splitters, routers etc. and is approved third party OEM for all optical fiber networking solutions. 

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