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Cozlink 10G X2 LR transceiver is X2 Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA) compliant and applicable with 10G Ethernet.The 10G X2 LR Transceiver is used in datacom optical links and features an XAUI electrical interface to the connecting host board delivering 4 x 3.125 Gb/s speed across Ethernet.The Cozlink 10G X2 LR Transceiver is compliant as per RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU, connects through SC connector, single mode fiber and is equipped with digital optics monitoring.Cozlink 10G X2 LR Transceiver supports transmission over distance of 10 km at power supply +5.0V, +3.3V and is operational at temperature range 00 C to 70°C. The management and control is via MDIO 2-wire bus. It has de-latch mechanism demanding low extraction force and has Mid Pak module variance for front panel connection. Transmission is full duplex mode type.Cozlink 10G X2 LR Transceiver is compatible as well as interchangeable with CISCO, FINISAR, DELL, D-link and other transceiver producing brands.

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