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Cozlink 10G X2 LRM Transceiver is high yielding, cost efficient transceiver supporting data transfer speed of 10.3 Grit/s across 220m on multimode fiber(MMF). It complies with X2 Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA) and is interchangeable with Cisco X2-10GB-LRM 10GBASE-LRM X2 transceiver helping you get a flawless and flexible network upgradations. Main features of 10G X2 LRM Transceiver include XAUI interface, an optical transmitter and receiver, Mux and De-mux with clock and data recovery (CDR).  The 10G X2 LRM transceiver is a Class 1 laser product compliant with International Safety Standard IEC/EN 60825.10G X2 LRM Transceiver is usable across IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE-LRM ports with DFB Laser at 1310 nm. It features 70-PIN connector, functionality at +3.3V power,diagnostic optics monitoring, and delivers quality as per RoHS standards.10G X2 LRM Transceiver finds main application with 10GBASE-LRM Ethernet, 10G Fiber Channel, Switches and Routers.

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