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10G XENPAK ER Transceiver is a 10G optical Transceiver that supports a high speed data transmission and 4×3.125Gbps of Ethernet signal input on an XAUI interface. It features an integrated Code/Decoder and a multiplex/demultiplexer and is a Class I laser product compatible with SONET/SDH and RoHS.The 10G XENPAK ER Transceiver is a plug-in module suitable for 10G- ER and Fiber Channel ports. It supports optical wavelength of 1550nm transferring data at maximum distance of 40 km. Cozlink 10G XENPAK ER.Transceiver is interchangeable with Finisar, Brocade, CISCO, HP and other brands of XENPACK transceivers. The company also manufactures compatible pigtails, patch cords and cables, routers etc.

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