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1.25g 1*9 transceiver are high performance and cost-effective 1x9 transceiver designed expressly for high-speed communication applications that require rates of up to 1.25Gb/s. This 1x9 optical transceiver is specified for 1000Base-LX Gigabit Ethernet and 1X Fibre channel applications. The 1x9 optical transceiver module operates at the wavelength of 1310nm with a maximum transmission distance of 20km via Single-Mode fiber, it is complies with the industry standard 1x9 footprint and RoHS compliant. This series 1000BASE-LX 1x9 SC transceivers are Class 1 eye safety products.

Cozlink BIDI 1x9 optical transceiver is high performance module for single fiber communications by using 1550/1310 nm receiver(transmitter). The transmitter section uses a multiple quantum well laser and is a class 1 laser compliant according to International Safety Standard IEC-60825. The receiver section uses an integrated 1550 nm detector preamplifier (IDP) mounted in an optical header and a limiting post-amplifier IC. A PECL logic interface simplifies interface to external circuitry.

We can supply 20km 1*9 transceivers with SC and FC connectors for GE /FE Internet.Besides,

We also produce all kinds of cables and FTTH solutions.

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