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40G CFP LR4 Transceiver by Cozlink is a cost-effective fiber optic transceiver with DDM functionality. This transceiver is compatible with 40G Ethernet port and delivers high port density required. 40G CFP LR4 Transceiver can be integrated into the network with the help of signal pins and Management Date I/O interface approved by MSA standards.40G CFP LR4 Transceiver supports data spread over four wavelengths – 1271 nm, 1291 nm, 1311 nm and 1331 nm. Each lane is capable of delivering data rate of 10.31 Gbps. It provides reliable solutions for transferring data over 40 km long single mode fiber at the rate of 40Gbps. The Cozlink transceiver is operational from a +3.3V power supply over an operational temperature range of -5oC to +70oC. Shop at Cozlink for 40G CFP LR4 Transceiver compatible patch cords & cables, pigtails, splitters etc. too.

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