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Cozlink 40G QSFP+ IR4 Transceiver  single-mode multi-rate QSFP+ transceiver using 4 CWDM wavelengths running 1271 to approx 1331nm and reaching data links over the length of 2 km distance on single-mode 9/125um fiber. All 4 CWDM channel run 10G, delivering total of 40G and they are integrated on a built-in mux/demux inside the QSFP module. The module can be used for 40G Ethernet, SONET or SDH networks.The IR4 standard is applicable for short range fiber connections over 9/125um single-mode fiber. The optical connectors are of LC type on the Cozlink 40G QSFP+ IR4 Transceiver. This wide range LC connector promotes easy connectivity with common fiber cabling, providing hassle-free connectivity to the optical network.Cozlink 40G QSFP+ IR4 Transceiver is compatibility tested and is proven replacement for a number of networking solutions produced by popular brands like Force 10, CISCO, ZyXEL, D-Link, FInisar, Juniper and many others. This transceiver follows QSFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) industry approved norms, making it reliable cross-functional entity worth using for any networking components complying with industry standards. 

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