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The Cozlink Gigabit 850nm SFP Transceivers of multi mode fiber optic nature with C 550m are designed in accordance with MSA (Multi-Sourcing Agreement) standards to offer a cost-effective way to increase performance and connectivity of fiber-connected network components.850 nm SFP Transceivers from Cozlink use a short wavelength (850nm) VCSEL laser diode, supporting data transport over a maximum cable distance of 550m (0.3 miles). These Gigabit Multi Mode 850 nm SFP Transceivers can be installed into any fiber networking device run using MSA compliant SFP port, providing a reliable upgradation solution existing network devices framework.Cozlink 850 nm SFP Transceivers deliver convenience and scalability are fully hot-pluggable and thus can be installed without interrupting network traffic or requiring restarting of any device. You may also look for compatible pigtails, patch chords and cables etc. at Cozlink that can be used with 850 nm SFP Transceivers.

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