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Cozlink Active Optical Cables (AOC) assure investment in storage, data, and high-performance computing connectivity. Cozlink Active Optical Cables are compatible with Quadwire® AOC for 40/100GbE,  SFPwire® AOC for 10GbE; InfiniBand QDR/FDR/EDR, SAS3 and PCIe3; and C.wire® AOC for 100GbE and so on.. Each of the Active Optical Cables from Cozlink employs fiber optic technology for the transmission of data thereby enabling  reduction in the weight, density and power consumption which are actually the loopholes in traditional copper solutions. The key advantages of Active Optical Cables are small bend radius that enables easy installment, lowest weight supporting high port count architectures, assurance of greener data center by controlling power consumption. The Active Optical Cables from Cozlink offer low cost solution for data center communications and support high performance computers. The Cozlink Active Optical Cables are fully compliant with industrial standards such as IEC, FCC, RoHS and etc.

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