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ADVA SFP Transceivers are hot-pluggable transmit/receive modules that are connectible with single mode LC and can be used to connect Gigabit Ethernet, Ethernet as well as Fast Ethernet ports to fiber optical networks.ADVA SFP Transceivers are available in three versions: DWDM-SFP-30.33-ADVA-C, DWDM-SFP-35.82-ADVA-C,FG-TRAN-GC-C named according to the port types they are compatible with.Cozlink ADVA SFP Transceivers are interchangeable with all brands producing ADVA compatible transceivers. You can find the MSA approved transceiver modules connectible across low power loss – high output ports approved by IEEE, at very competitive rates at Cozlink.We also deal in related product line such as chords, cables, ports, switches, routers etc, that can help you have handy optical fiber network promising fully functional deployments.

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