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The Allied Telesis Copper SFP Transceivers are a high quality Small Form-factor Pluggable Gigabit Interface Converter that can support a data rate of 1000Mbps. The Allied Telesis Copper SFP Transceivers supports 1000Mbps duplex data links with 5 level Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) signals and four pairs are used at a rate of 250Mbps. The Cozlink’s Copper SFP Transceivers complies with the SFP MSA and the DDM SFF-8472 standard. Cozlink’s modules satisfy Class I laser safety requirements and are compatible with SONET OC-24-LR-1 and RoHS. Cozlink’s Copper SFP Transceivers are compatible with Allied Telesis Copper SFP Transceivers and fits well with transceivers from other manufacturer like Cisco,Huawei,Alcatel. Cozlink’s Copper SFP Transceivers can be custom labelled as per your requirements, and are shipped in antistatic bag with pallets on the box. The package includes, a separate box for each transceiver. Cozlink’s Copper SFP Transceivers are cost effective and reliable solution, vis-à-vis other copper SFP Transceivers. 

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