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Arista 7050t Transceivers are compatible with 7050t series switches of Arista. The Arista 7050t Transceivers are QSFP+ form factor transceivers which are available in two types – SR4 and XSR4. These SR4 Arista transceivers for 7050t series switches can deliver a speed of 40Gbps over a distance of 150m while XSR4 provides network extension solutions by delivering the same data transfer range over a distance of 400m. Both of these Arista 7050t Transceivers operate at 850 nm of wavelength and are fully MSA compliant. These are equipped with MTP/MPO interface and are operational at commercial temperature range of 0oC to 700C. Cozlink Arista 7050t Transceivers are interchangeable with all other brands of Arista 7050t compliant transceivers and offer affordable replacement for upgrading the data networks.

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