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Arista 7150 Transceivers are compatible with Arista  7150 series switches which are high performance switches, IEEE 1588 platform compatible and are meant for data networks delivering 10GbE/40GbE of data link speed. Arista 7150 Transceivers are with SFP+ form factor foot print and are meant for very high data speeds networks. Cozlink produces Arista 7150 Transceivers that are available in 10G-SR, 10G- ER, and 10G- ZR types covering data network length of 300m, 40 km and 80 km respectively over OM3 MMF and SMFs. These transceivers are approved as per MSA standards, and are equipped with DOM. SR type operates at 850 nm while ER and ZR require 1550 nm of wavelength. Arista 7150 Transceivers compatible patch cords, cables and splitters etc. are also manufactured at Cozlink.

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