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Arista 7500 Transceivers are 40G transceivers that are compatible with high density 40G switches such as 7500E series. The Arista 7500 Transceivers are applicable for migrating the 10G network to a higher speed 40G one with advantage of low power dissipation and uninterrupted working as these are hot-pluggable in nature.Arista 7500 Transceivers are QSFP+ form factor transceivers but are interoperable across a variety of other form factors such as XFP, CFP, QSFP etc. Arista 7500 Transceivers are available in SR4, XSR4 and LR4 types covering data transmission over a distance of 100m, 300m and 1km respectively. All these transceivers are usable across IEEE approved ports and are industry approved MSA compliant networking expansion solutions.

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