Important Topics That Help Your Understand Optical fiber cable Better

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Optical fiber cable or fiber optic cable is an assembly of multiple optical fibers covered with plastic protective jacket outside. The optical fibers ..

A Quick Overview of Cisco GLC LH SMD

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Cisco GLC-LH-SMD is one of the most popular optical modules in the present times. Want to know all about this amazing wired connectivity solution? The..

Things you should know about Cross-connection Cabinet

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Telecommunications market is quite a competitive one. With many competitors vying for the largest market share, it has become necessary for the makers..

Network Interface Card – All that you need to know

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NIC can be expanded to Network Interface Card. It is also popular as Network adapter. This adapter forms a physical link between the networking hardwa..

Passive Optical Network: Things you need to know!

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FTTH (Fiber to the Home) is revolutionizing the telecommunication industry and a number of applications based on this technology have been rolled out ..

7 Tips For Selecting A Proper Fiber Optic Transceiver

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By the term "fiber optic transceiver" we actually refer to a device which makes use of fiber optical technology for sending and receiving information...

Active Optical Cables-All that you need to know!

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Active optical cable is the product that is used with applications delivering higher density and higher broadband. The rapid development in the era of..

OM5 fiber: A Futuristic Data Cabling Solution

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Data centers of modern times are expected to have higher bandwidth and need to be efficient enough to support high speed application. To meet these de..

The Top 10 Topics of 40G transceivers You Should be Reading

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40G is gradually taking over the 10G network market as the latter is becoming obsolete due to slow speed and other constraints. So, it is worthwhile t..

100G optical transceivers – The true harbingers of faster data communication

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100G optical transceivers are the perfect communication solutions for the coming times. It is because the world is becoming increasingly dependent on ..

16 Most Common Questions Of Cisco SFP-10G-SR You Need To Know

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Communication has been there since the beginning of human race. With the evolution of humans, the technology for communication also evolved.  Soc..

PLC splitter: an essential part of fiber optic technology

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Introduction To adapt up to current fiber optic system's needs and stringent necessities on its execution, security, wellbeing and measured quali..

The reality of fiber patch cord management

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IntroductionIn shiny pamphlets and expo shows, fix boards are constantly clean and sharp looking. In the media communications wardrobe, in any case, t..

High Density Fiber Patch Cables for Using in Data Center

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IntroductionServer farm fiber optical transmission framework necessities on the transfer speed indicate high development incline, while the utilizatio..

100G QSFP28 high speed cable - improve your network

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With the widespread use of 40G Ethernet, in order to further achieve higher bandwidth and throughput requirements, 100G has become the trend of data t..

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How to distinguish the single-mode and multimode optical modules?

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We know that optical modules can be divided into single-mode optical modules and multimode optical modules are usually marked on the module. Single mo..

Optical module solution to the H3C S5500-28C-SI switch

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H3C S5500-28C-SI is a Gigabit Ethernet switch developed by H3C. It has special cluster management functions, multi-service support functions and secur..

Select the right and good pre-terminated trunk cable, so easy!

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Pre-terminated trunk cables are typically used in the connection of trunk and crossover cabling in the data center. This pre-terminated cable simplifi..

Optical module solution to Huawei S5700-28P-PWR-LI-AC switch

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The Huawei S5700-28P-PWR-LI-AC switch is a new generation of green, energy-efficient Gigabit Ethernet switches introduced by Huawei that can meet the ..

Optical module solutions to the H3C S5120-SI series switches

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H3C S5120-SI series switches are widely used in the access layer Gigabit Ethernet switches, with a flexible Gigabit access and intelligent resilience ..