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The Avago SFP Transceivers are hot-pluggable Gigabit Ethernet Compatible optical transceivers available in three families - AFBR-5710LZ/AFBR-571xZ, AFBR-5715Z and AFBR-5710Z. The Avago AFBR-5710LZ / AFBR-571xZ  SFP Transceivers from Cozlink come with, DMI features, diversified temperature ranges (extended or industrial), and with option to choose from standard or bail delatch. AFBR-5715Z family is used for those applications requiring DMI features. The AFBR-5710Z family is a handy product designed for those applications where DMI features are optional.Avago SFP Transceivers from Cozlink offer real time monitoring of Transmitted optical power, Received optical power, Laser bias current, Supply voltage and temperature. These transceivers are having specifications according to MSA agreements and are interoperable with all major brands producing SFP transceivers. Cozlink also deals in related products like switches, ports, patch cords, single mode and multi-mode fibers which are required along with SFP Transceivers.

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