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Bidirectional transceiver is designed to deliver 40Gbps of data rate. This enhanced technology is an answer to growing demand of connectivity and storage owing to the big data, cloud technology kind of terms floating in modern office environments. Offices are expanding beyond geographical boundaries and people need to connect with one another in a seamless fashion to get the jobs done. Bidirectional transceiver meets the demand of uninterrupted and blink-fast connectivity by connecting offices across the globe. Cisco manufactures and supplies Bidirectional transceiver delivering 40gbps of data speed on the same set of equipment that deliver 10Gbps of speed. It is possible due to the hot-pluggable nature of Bidirectional transceiver. This interconnect can run on a wide range of input wavelengths using SFP+, QSFP+ and other high performing form factor transceivers. Cozlink is the right place for buying Bidirectional transceiver that is designed to reduce migration cost, allowing you to enjoy 40Gb connectivity within your budget.

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