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Cozlink CFP4 Transceivers are fully integrated module that comprise of PIN photo-diode,driver and CDR ICs, and 1310 nm frequency composed EA-DFB LD. These find their application in MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) systems, internet protocols (IPs) switches and routers, and Storage area network applications. CFP4 Transceivers are designed for 100 Gigabit Ethernet ports through a single mode fiber. They are CFP MSA and RoHS compliant and support maximum link length of 10 km. Cozlink CFP4 Transceivers are suitable for third party integration, and can be customized according to the brand logo. On request, customized labels are also provided. Each transceiver comes packed in separate white box. Cozlink specializes in bulk orders and provide best optical fiber networking solutions used for connecting optical fiber network through pigtails, patch codes, single and multi-mode fibers, etc.

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