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Champion SFP can be classified into single fiber, dual fiber, single fiber single wavelength and CWDM types that deliver short range and long range connectivity ranging from 550m to 120km. Some Champion SFP transceivers are multi-rate too and can deliver bi-directional links too at various transmit/receive wavelength combinations. Champion SFP transceivers conform to multiple protocols. Champion SFP transceivers of CWDM and DWDM are designed to tap the advantage of wide range of eight CWDM wavelengths and extend data connectivity from 40km to 160km of distance. Cozlink sfp transceiver range is fully compliant with MSA and RoHS. These are given metallic enclosure for low EMI dissipation. Cozlink SFP transceivers come with LC connectors, operate at 3.3V power supply and deliver data connectivity on standard and extended distance range. Cozlink SFP transceivers can be interchangeably used with other compatible brands such as Finisar, Juniper, Dell, HP and many others.

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