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Cisco 1000BASE-SX GBIC transceivers support multi-mode fibers. These transceivers are compatible with part number WS-G5484 and have GBIC and SC interface. Cisco 1000BASE-SX GBIC transceivers are used for Cisco network equipment and provide power-efficient, technology-driven solution for expanding data communication networks. The Cisco 1000BASE-SX GBIC transceivers are short range I-O connectors of hot-swappable nature and can be integrated into the network without rebooting the system. These deliver data connectivity up to the extent of 550m. Cozlink produces and supplies 1000BASE-SX GBIC transceivers that meet the requirements set by industry regulatory standards such as RoHS, MSA, SFF and others. These transceivers connect Ethernet ports to fiber optic networks at minimal optical wavelength of 850nm. The industry approved Cozlink 1000BASE-SX GBIC transceivers are interchangeably used with other brands compatible with this GBIC module. Popular compatible brands are Dell, HP, CISCO, HUAWEI, Brocade, Juniper and many others.

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