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Cisco 1000BASE-T is a standard that supports both GBIC and SFP modules. This standard supports data links extending up to 100m of distance. The Cisco 1000BASE-T standard of Cisco feature RJ-45 connector and interoperability with 1000base-sr modules on the same data link. The Cisco 1000BASE-T modules provide connectivity across four pairs of category 5 cables. Transceivers complying with this standard deliver 100Mbps of data transmission speed. These Cisco 1000BASE-T transceivers connect Gigabit Ethernet ports to copper networks and provide in-premises network connectivity solution. Cozlink manufactures and supplies 1000BASE-T SFP transceivers that can be used across Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet applications. These transceivers are fully compliant with RoHS and MSA specifications and are used interchangeably with other brands such as Dell, HP, Huawei, Brocade and many others.

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