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Cisco 10GBASE XENPAK Modules support 10GBASE Ethernet cabling standards. These high performance modules are hot-swappable input/output devices that plug into an Ethernet XENPAK port of a Cisco switch or router to link the port with the network. The Cisco 10GBASE XENPAK Modules are interoperable with respective Cisco 10-Gigabit X2, XFP and SFP+ modules on the same link. Cisco 10GBASE XENPAK Modules have compliance with 10GBASE- CX4, LRM, SR, LR+, ER+ and ZR Ethernet standards. These deliver data reach up to 80km and support multi-mode and single-mode fibre connectivity. The Cisco 10GBASE XENPAK Modulesaccept connectors such as  InfiniBand 4x connector and dual SC/PC connector. Cozlink produces industry approved 10GBASE XENPAK Modules’ replacements that are fully interchangeable with other MSA approved XENPAK producing brands such as Finisar, HP, DELL, Huawei, Ciena, and many others.

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