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Cisco DWDM XFP Modules support 10-Gigabit data rates from 9.9G to 11.1G (LAN, WAN, and OTU2/OTU2e). These hot-swappable input/output devices plug into an Ethernet XFP port of a Cisco switch or router to link the port with the network and are available in tunable and standard types.  The standard Cisco DWDM XFP Modulessupport 32 nontunable ITU 100-GHz wavelengths and the tunable Cisco DWDM XFP Modules support 80 tunable ITU 50-GHz wavelengths. These  Cisco DWDM XFP Modules support digital optical monitoring capability and come with  standard XFP interface and can be used for expanding networks using  dual LC/PC connector. DWDM XFP Modules are produced and supplied by Cozlink which is an industry approved OEM for the DWDM XFP Modules made by other brands such as Finisar, Juniper, Brocade, Dell, HP, Huawei and many others.

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