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Cisco HWIC SFP Transceivers connect Cisco Gigabit Ethernet High-Speed WAN Interface Card (HWIC) powered by Gigabit Ethernet to Cisco routers to accelerate applications such as Metro Ethernet access, inter-VLAN routing, and high-speed connectivity to LAN switches.Cisco HWIC interfaces are provided with a SFP slot that allows users to connect CISCO copper and fiber cables to different SFPs for long distance transmissions, flexible expansions and cost-effective and power-efficient networking solutions. Cisco HWIC SFP Transceivers by Cozlink support SFP variants like GLC-T (1000BASE-T SFP), GLC-LH-SM (Gigabit Ethernet SFP, LC connector, LX/LH transceiver), GLC-SX-MM and so on. As the name indicates these Cozlink HWIC SFP Transceivers support long wave and short wave distributions transmitted across single mode and multimode optical fibers.

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