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CWDM DWDM Transceivers are based on a technique used to transmit multiple signals through one fiber using different wavelengths. These transceivers save a lot of cost on renting or buying extra dark fiber and delivers enhanced bandwidth in limited budget. CWDM DWDM Transceivers use Coarse and Dense multiplexing. Coarse Multiplexing delivers 1Gbps of data speed but due to lot of attenuation can use only 1470-1610nm of wavelength range for delivering data reach of 80kms. DWDM uses wavelengths at the spacing of 0.8nm per optic. DWDM among CWDM DWDM Transceivers use channels 18-61 and utilizes input wavelength ranging between 1530nm to 1565nm. CWDM DWDM Transceivers are used for longer distances and support single mode fibers. The data reach delivered is 80km and 120km. Cozlink manufactures CWDM DWDM Transceivers with these specifications and provide cost-effective replacements for other compatible brands such as Finisar, Juniper, Brocade etc.

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