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D-LINK GBIC Transceivers are the transfer/receive units that connect Gigabit switches,and 10/100 Mbps switches to Gigabit Ethernet networks, enabling high speed data transfer along twisted-pair or the fiber-optic cables. Cozlink D-LINK GBIC Transceivers are hot-swappable units interchangeable with GBIC transceivers even while the power is plugged in.These are compatible with Gigabit slots and find their best use in distributed multi-processing, channel extension/ data storage, bus extension application, high-speed I/O transfer and few other fiber optic networking solutions.Cozlink is trusted name amongst D-LINK GBIC Transceivers and produces these connectors in bulk, offering most competitive rates online. D-LINK GBIC Transceivers are compatible with all major GBIC Transceivers producing brands and are usable across interfaces approved as per MSA standards.

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