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D-LINK XFP Modules deliver 10 Gigabit connectivity on a secure fiber. These XFP Modules from D-LINK are designed for both single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber networks. The D-LINK XFP Modules have single or dual XFP ports and can be plugged into an open slot of data switches produced by D-LINK. The data transfer speed achieved by D-LINK XFP Modules is 20Gbps and the performance depends upon the type of transceiver installed. Cozlink manufactures and supplies D-LINK compatible XFP modules which are approved as per MSA and RoHS norms. Cozlink D-LINK XFP Modules are operational at industrial temperature range and accept wide range of input wavelengths as mentioned in Ethernet cabling standards of 10Gbase-SR, LR and others. Cozlink also provides patch cords and cables, pigtails etc. that can be used to extend the networks using D-LINK XFP Modules.

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