Active Optical Cables-All that you need to know!

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Active optical cable is the product that is used with applications delivering higher density and higher broadband. The rapid development in the era of..

100G QSFP28 high speed cable - improve your network

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With the widespread use of 40G Ethernet, in order to further achieve higher bandwidth and throughput requirements, 100G has become the trend of data t..

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The best solution of 10G network

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The rapid growth of the data center requires the server with higher performance. From the initial 100M, 1G, 10G, to 40G and 100G, high-speed Ethernet ..

About active fiber optic cable, what is important to know?

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In 2007, active cable (AOC) came out. As an alternative to next-generation data transmission, active fiber optic cable can transmit four fiber signals..

Considerations of deploying the SFP + high-speed cable

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10G SFP + high-speed cable and optical module is a commonly used optical device in data center rack-mounted (ToR) wiring, using to connect small acces..

Considerations for SFP + High Speed Cable Deployment

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10G SFP+ high speed cable and optical module is the common assemblies for the data center Top over Rack cabling, that is used to connect small-size ac..

Analysis on Global Gigabit Network Market

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According to BBT's latest data show that the global fixed network broadband users had reached 776 million, of which the proportion of DSL users accoun..

The difference between active optical network and passive optical network

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Optical network refers to the conversion between optical and electrical signal at the input port and output port, and is always in the form of light i..

Optical module solution to 40G Ethernet connection

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Nowadays, 40G Ethernet is the preferred backbone uplink technology, is very popular in the data center. With the rise of the 40GbE QSFP + optical modu..

10G / 40G / 100G optical module fiber optic jumper solution

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Fiber jumpers are used to implement interconnection or cross-connect in structured cabling, often used in conjunction with optical modules in the data..

Differential Analysis on 40G AOC and SR4 Module: Data Center Globalization Imports AOC

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The whole field of data center globalization has starting to import 40G AOC. Compared with the 40G DAC copper cable, 40G AOC has incomparable advantag..

AOC:Leading data center into the world of high-speed optical interconnection

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Big data era: towards the world of high-speed optical interconnectionIn the recent years, the fast application of the Internet and Intelligent termina..

40G Direct Attach Cable--The Milestone of High-speed Communications Development

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In the background of the rapid development of telecommunications industry and network technology, achieving the low-cost and high-efficiency high-spee..

Three elements of steady upgrading to 40G

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With the growing demand for high-speed transmission applications, such as large data, cloud computing and Internet of Things gradually into all walks ..

The principle, structure and application of active optical cable (AOC)

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Application of Active Optical Cable (AOC)Active Optical Cable (AOC) is composed of integrated optoelectronic devices, and it is a transmission device ..

The Market Size, Share and Forecast of Active Optical Cable

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Active Optical Cable Market Overview:Global active optical cable market was valued at $481.3 million in 2015, and is expected to reach $3,480.7 millio..

High speed cable-40G QSFP

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The development of science and technology makes the human continue to move forward to the information society, in this context, the demand for informa..

Do you know the secret of Direct Attach Cables?

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Direct Attach Cable (DAC) refers to the high-speed jumper at both ends are equipped with optical modules, by connecting the switch to the router or se..

Detailed description of 10G SFP+ high speed cable

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With the further development of virtualization technology, we will need greater bandwidth and higher data transfer rate to meet the data center person..

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