The constitution of data center system

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There are some principles or points that are important for data center system no matter which way you takes to implement cabling in it, especially whe..

Fiber optic distribution panels in data center structured cabling

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In order to facilitate structured cabling, data center network equipment is not directly connected, but through the fiber optic wiring panel for inter..

Tips for selecting the fiber distribution box of data center

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As the number of cable in the data center is increasing, fiber optic cabling systems are becoming increasingly complex. In the high-density wiring, we..

The racks and fiber distribution boxes of data center

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High-density cabling in the data center is increasingly associated with racks and a wide variety of junction boxes because the rack and junction box c..

Tips for cleaning up the cabinet in your data center

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Cabinet in the network operating center or data center should be set with a certain cleaning cycle. If not regularly cleaned and maintained, it will c..

How does network cabling affect network speed?

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Today when the internet is interconnected, people rely heavily on the Internet, and life is also increasingly inseparable from the network. The speed ..

How to improve the storage capacity of data center?

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At the beginning of their cloud computing trip, many chief information officers of public sectors know that cloud computing should be part of their ov..

How to organize the rack cabinets and cables in order?

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In the server rooms, we can see the huge rack cabinets everywhere; in fact, they are not only the role of the cabinet. Many cabinets will be equipped ..

Installation of rack cabinets

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1. Process of cabinet installation Cabinet installation process is divided into the following steps: cabinet installation plan, cabinet preparati..

Applications of optical modules in the data center

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For data centers, fiber technology is no longer dispensable, or only used to solve the most difficult problems of interconnection technology, and now,..

Money-saving and energy-efficient solution to data center cabling

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“Green” has become the theme of this era, which includes reducing the use of energy and materials at the beginning, improving the efficiency of the us..

The three major considerations in the data center infrastructure construction

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With the rapid development of large data, Internet of things, cloud computing, more and more enterprises to invest in the Internet field, the Internet..

Is the QSFP28 optical module a better solution for the 100G network?

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100G network development direction is 10G → 40G → 100G, 100GBASE QSFP28 optical module appears, there are already some data centers have begun to use ..

Do you understand the terms and protocols of the Software Definition Network (SDN)?

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As a new technology, the Software Definition Network (SDN) also derives a number of terms and protocols. This tutorial will introduce some of the basi..

MTP to LC branch fiber jumpers of data center switching platform

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MTP transfer LC branch fiber jumper is a multi-core fiber jumper, one end with a number of LC connector, the other end of an MTP connector, a common M..

Differences of the fiber connection standard between MPO and MTP

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With the rapid development of data center, cloud counting, cloud reservation and other applications have been gradually permeated into different indus..

Solution of Basec Fiber Pre-termination Data Center

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With the development of data center operation and the increasing demands of products, pre-termination products have come into being, bringing a better..

What is the polarity management of MPO/MTP products?

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MPO (Multi-fiber Push On) is a kind of MT connector series. The compact design of MPO makes its numerous cores and small size. MPO connector is widely..

Explanations about Cisco network devices’ product models

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Cisco network equipment has a variety of models, which often confuses people and makes it difficult to record, so it’s necessary to conclude the meani..

The parameters of switch in data center, this is the key!

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With the development of the optical communication industry, the demand for data centers is also growing, so ordinary switches have been unable to meet..