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Cozlink DWDM SFP Transceiver exhibits excellent wavelength stability, supporting operation at 100GHz and 50GHz channel, cost effective module. It is designed for DWDM SONET/ SDH, Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber- Channel applications. 

Cozlink DWDM SFPs' are based on the SFP form factor which is an MSA standard build. The maximum speed is 1.25G and they are also available as 2.5G, 4G and of course the popular 10G DWDM SFP+.

As for dwdm sfp Finisar and Cisco dwdm sfp, it is mostly deployed in 1G DWDM Ethernet solutions, but can also be deployed as 1x Fiber channel. The DWDM SFP has a specific tuned laser which emits a “color” which is defined in the DWDM ITU grid. There are different DWDM ITU grids and the 100GHz C-Band is the most used in the telecom industry. This has a spacing of 0.8nm and is around 1550nm. The colors or wavelength are named in channels and channel 17 to 61 is commonly used.  We can also provide 50GHz optics which have a spacing of 0.4nm and other spectrum bands. 

Cozlink is a manufacturer and supplier who offer DWDM transceivers with low price. At present, 1.25G DWDM SFP , 2.488G DWDM SFP, 10G SFP+ DWDM are on sale. Besides,we can also provide XFP,X2,XENPAK DWDM modules, 40KM ,80KM, 120KM are available. 100GHz and 50GHz channel for your choice. Cozlink can offer cost-effective compatible DWDM transceivers, such as Cisco,Huawei,HP, Juniper, NETGEAR,Finisar,Dell and other brands,all SFP transceivers will 100% test before delivery. We can also provide customized services of DWDM modules and customers can customize LOGO.

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