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Enterasys 10GB LRM SFPP Transceiver has a 10G LRM connector for 10GB connectivity over multi-mode fiber that covers data reach of 300m. The Enterasys 10GB LRM SFPP Transceiver works at 1310 nm of wavelength and is applicable in connecting 10 Gigabit Ethernet port to fiber optic network.Enterasys 10GB LRM SFPP Transceiver comes with dual LC connector and has DOM/DDI system in place for better regulation of working conditions. This Transceiver is fully compliant with MSA and RoHS and delivers high speed connectivity options based on 10G Ethernet, Fast Ethernet protocols. Cozlink Enterasys 10GB LRM SFPP Transceiver is fully interchangeable with other brands producing Enterasys compliant transceivers and deliver uninterrupted connectivity due to their hot-swappable make-up.

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