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Enterasys 10GB SFP Transceivers are available in SX, ZX, EX, BIDI, BX-D, BX-U varieties and are operational at frequency range of 850 nm to 1550 nm of wavelength. These provide data transfer rate of 10Gbps across single mode fiber over a data link length ranging from 10 km and above, while multi-mode fiber length spans over and above 550m. Enterasys 10GB SFP Transceivers come with SC, LC and RJ 45 type connectors and provide power-efficient networking solutions, connecting Gigabit Ethernet protocols to optical fiber networks. Cozlink Enterasys 10GB SFP Transceivers are MSA compliant, adhere to RoHS and laser safety norms and are lead-free. Cozlink also produces related products like patch cords and cables, splitters,etc.

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