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Enterasys Compatible Transceiver 10GBASE is DWDM type operational at wavelength of 1557 approx. It is an XFP module that transmits data link over a distance of 80 km on a single mode fiber.Enterasys Compatible Transceiver 10GBASE comes with an LC connector and internal DDM, helping the expert to have safe and uninterrupted networking solutions for fiber networking.Cozlink Enterasys Compatible Transceiver 10GBASE can be used interchangeably with Enterasys original delivering same specifications. This transceiver is MSA approved and is suitable for connecting IEEE approved Ethernet,Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet ports to optical fiber network with advantage of low power dissipation. Enterasys Compatible Transceiver 10GBASE is functional on industrial temperatures and makes perfect option for the networking solution providers who need a power efficient solution for expanding data center networks, data communication networks,etc.

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