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EPON Transceivers are compliant with major OLT vendors and support 1000BASE-PX20. These transceivers provide data links up to 20 km on 9/125 micrometer SMF, are RoHS Compliant and Lead-Free. The EPON Transceivers deliver data transfer speed of 1.25 G (Gigabit Ethernet) and support more than 24dB of dynamic range. EPON Transceivers are provided with SC simplex connector, fit for 1490/1310 nm frequencies and used in various vendors with OLT - Optical Line Terminal as transceiver connected to splitters and subsequently ONU's at the CPE end.EPON Transceivers meet Fiberbit EPON standard or any other standard OLT's complying with 802.3ah™-2004 1000BASE-PX20. These are integrated  with  micro-optics WDM filter for dual wavelength Tx/Rx operation at 1490/1310nm.EPON Transceivers provide bi-directional data links at 1.25 Gbps both ways having a transmitter and a receiver end. The transmitter section uses a 1490 nm DFB  (Distributed FeedBack) laser for superior performance and is Class 1 laser compliant. The receiver section uses a 1310 nm APD, preamplifier, and limiting post-amplifier.

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