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Cozlink is third party OEM for EXTREME WDM BIDI SFP Modules. These modules from Cozlink are designed to deliver 10km of data reach. The EXTREME WDM BIDI SFP Modules from Cozlink accept bi-directional wavelength inputs and work on a varying range of Tx/Rx and connector combinations such as 1490/1310 - SC , 1310/1490 - SC, 1490/1310 – LC, and others. These modules support both simplex and duplex modes of communications and comprise of DFB Laser transmitter, a photodiode integrated with TIA-MCU control unit. These WDM BIDI form fact modules come with DOM and are Class 1 laser safe products. The EXTREME WDM BIDI SFP Modules by Cozlink are designed to deliver 1.25Gbps data connectivity over a single mode fiber and are fully compliant with MSA and RoHS. These modules find their applications in Fast Ethernet, SDH/SONET, and Gigabit Ethernet applications, operational at industrial temperature range of 0 to 70 degree Celsius.

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