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Finisar Copper SFP Transceivers are hot-pluggable enabling faster I/O output at the rate of up to 1.25 Gb/s bi-directional data links. Cozlink Finisar Copper SFP Transceivers are liked for low power dissipation, come with metallic enclosure and are RoHS compliant. These transceivers are best used for host systems with SGMII interface.Finisar Copper SFP Transceivers work across low speed signals, high speed electrical interface, +3.3V electrical power interface, and SFP to Host connector PIN Out kind of set-ups. Cozlink is a trusted manufacturer of high quality Finisar Copper SFP Transceivers and is approved third party vendor whose products can be interchanged with all branded counterparts. The company also deals in bulk orders of related switches, ports, routers, chords and other products related to Transceivers.

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