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Fujitsu SFP+ Transceivers  are SFP+ MSA and RoHS Compliant. These high performance transmit/receive devices support OC-192 SONET & 10GbE ZR and are provided with Built-in EEPROM with digital diagnostic monitoring function. Fujitsu SFP+ Transceivers operate at +3.3V single power supply and come with Bail latch mechanism. The Cozlink Fujitsu SFP+ Transceivers comply with 10GBASE-ZR and ER cabling standards and DWDM OC-192-LR2 and DWDM OC-192-IR2 application requirements. The operational wavelength range of Fujitsu SFP+ Transceivers is 1528.77 to 1561.42 on 10GBASE-ZR protocol and 1530 to 1565nm on 10GBASE-ER protocol. Cozlink Fujitsu SFP+ Transceivers can deliver data rate of 9.95Gbps to 11.1 Gbps at maximum power consumption of 1.5W. Other compatible brands are Dell, Cisco, Huawei, Brocade and many others.

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