The introduction of new policies to develop overseas partners, plans to set up branches in foreign countries.


Product line comprehensive upgrading, Product quality qualitative leaping.

  • The aims of the new investment in equipment and personnel is to make sure the best product quality, while fully updated product packaging will ensure the products to reach customer under the intact and safe condition.

  • The rapid growth of R&D technology sector will greatly promote the development of the whole industry chain.

  • Freight and customer service are upgrade, departments expansion all to meet the needs of a large number of customers in time, greatly reducing order processing time.


Optical fiber cable factory was established, the technology becomes more mature.


WDM optical system R & D department make breakthroughs. Launched 3db low insertion loss DWDM MUX & DEMUX immediately. Established a professional R & D department.Introduced the advanced detection DCM equipment to ensure product quality.


Optical transceiver and optical fiber cable products all are uploaded successfully. Online website: Cozlink.com is favored by many customers all around the world. In order to meet increasing orders and demands from customers, we set up optical transceivers factory in Shenzhen in the same month.


Our product line has gain the 9001:2000 ISO quality management system certification. Sales and after-sales department is constantly expanding, our company is developing rapidly. At the same time, the establishment of a new web site background management system, improve the online and offline seamless, shorten the order operation time.


Application and successfully obtain FCC, CE, RoHS certificate, to provide customers with complete green environmental protection products.


For the purpose of meeting the needs of large quantities orders, the large batch of 10GX2 / XENPAK / XFP ER ZR production lines were amplified, warehousing and shipping departments have also been expanded.


The establishment of optical module factory in Shenzhen, SFP/SFP+ optical transceiver production line amplification and technology becomes more mature. The introduction of advanced automated production equipment.For improving production technology, we have introduced advanced automatic product equipment, greatly shorten the production time.


The amount of demands and orders is increasing on online website. We started to enroll a large number of export sales and after-sale service in order to serve every customer with the most professional and timely manner.


With the rapid development of the optical modules R & D and testing center, we have introduced a large number of highly educated, high-level technical talented staff.


Active optical cables and optical transceivers product released, our platform came into the official operation. Customers can enjoy shopping one-stop communication products in our website. In the next month, optical transceivers detection center established which ensure the high standards and high quality.


Shenzhen Sopto Technology Co., LTD  was established,Committed to the development and production of optical communication products like: optical fiber transceivers, optical fiber cables…In order to bring the convenience and provide customer fast purchasing products platform. In the same month, we have established the self-service online shopping platform: Cozlink.com.