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HP 2530 SFP Transceiver is a cost effective module compliant with the Gigabit Ethernet and 1000BASE-T standards as specified in IEEE 802.3-2002 and IEEE 802.3ab. It supports 1000Mbps data rate up to 100 meters over unshielded twisted-pair category 5 cable. The HP 2530 SFP Transceiver provides standard serial ID information compliant with SFP MSA and ff-8472, which can be accessed with via the 2wire serial CMOS protocol.HP 2530 SFP Transceiver is a low power hot swappable, RoHS compliant transceiver It features compact RJ-45 connector assembly and metal enclosure for lower EMI and provides high quality network upgradation options. It provides 1.25 Gbps of data transmission speed and complements Gigabit Ethernet, data storage networks.

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