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HUAWEI 1000BASE SFP Modules are designed to complement large range of high performing networking solutions. These modules provide data rate of 155Mbps, 1 Gbps and 1.25Gbps on Cat 5 copper, multi-mode and single mode fiber networks. The HUAWEI 1000BASE SFP Modules are designed to tap a wide range of input wavelengths including the bi-directional combinations of 1310/1550, 1550/1310, 1310/1490 and 1490/1310nm. The HUAWEI 1000BASE SFP Modules deliver data connectivity to a range of 300m, 550m, 2km, 10km-100km, thus, are suitable for data center networks, inter-locations connectivity and all telecom network expansions. HUAWEI 1000BASE SFP Modules are produced by Cozlink and these modules conform to cabling standards such as 1000BASE-T, SR, LR, ER and ZR and also, some of these variants are also applicable interchangeably with each other. Cozlink 1000BASE SFP Modules are operational at industrial temperature range and find their use in SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel and Ethernet applications.

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