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HUAWEI Modules are high speed interconnect solutions delivering data rate of 3G, 4G and 5G , and so on, on multi-mode and single mode fibres. These high performance modules from Huawei are applicable across long range and short range connections and provide module to module solutions for communications networks. HUAWEI Modules are known for being the slimmest and most compact of all interconnect options available and support HSPA+ networks that satisfy consumer’s requirement for high speed surfing. Cozlink produces HUAWEI Modules that transmit less heat and display negligible insertion loss. The Cozlink HUAWEI Modules conform to the highest standards of quality, safety and environment-safe standards set by the industry. The modules made by Cozlink also are fully compatible and interchangeable with other manufacturers such as Finisar, Cisco, Dell, HP and others.

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