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HUAWEI WDM BIDI SFP Modules are designed to deliver 155Mbps and 1.25Gbps of data rate at the lengths of 10km and 20km. These modules of WDM BIDI SFP type from Huawei come with LC/SC connector, a DFB laser transmitter and PIN photodiode conjugated with TIA-MCU control unit. HUAWEI WDM BIDI SFP Modules from Cozlink provide data links over single mode fiber and are compatible with a number of Huawei and HP routers, switches and ports. Cozlink manufactures and supplies HUAWEI WDM BIDI SFP Modules that accept wavelengths bi-directional in Tx/Rx combinations of 1310/1550, 1310/1490, 1490/1310 and 1550/1310nm.  All Cozlink HUAWEI WDM BIDI SFP Modules are compatible with Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and SONET/SDH applications and are fully compliant with SFP MSA and RoHS standards. Cozlink HUAWEI WDM BIDI SFP Modules compatible with IEEE ports and switches promote data connectivity of these interfaces with optical fiber networks and are known for being low power, and low emission loss network solutions.

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