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HUAWEI XFP Modules are high performing modules delivering data rate of 10Gbps on single mode and multi-mode fibers that support long range and short range networks respectively. The HUAWEI XFP Modules are operational at input wavelength of 850nm, 1310nm and 1550nm and deliver data links to a span of 300m, 10km, 40km and 80km corresponding to the Ethernet standards – 10GBase-SR, LR, ER and ZR applications supported by them. HUAWEI XFP Modules are compact version of XENPAK modules and provide increased port density for high speed switches and other networking equipment. Cozlink HUAWEI XFP Modules are made completely compliant with XFP MSA and RoHS and offer seamless compatibility with other industry approved brands such as Dell, Cisco, Brocade, Finisar and many others. These XFP Modules from Cozlink are operational at industrial temperature range and at climatic conditions prevalent at an altitude of 3km. These modules come to you after passing through stringent quality and compatibility tests at Cozlink.

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