The SmartAX MA5680T series are developed based on Huawei's third generation unified platform and are the first aggregation OLTs in the world. The MA5680T series integrate the aggregation and switching functions, provide the high-densityxPON, Ethernet P2P, and GE/10GE ports, and provide the TDM and Ethernet private line services with high clock precision to support smooth Internet access service, video service, voice service, and high-reliabilityservice access. This series improve the network reliability, reduce the investment in network construction, and reduce the O&M costs.
The MA5680T series include the large-capacity SmartAX MA5680T and the medium-capacity SmartAX MA5683T. The hardware and software of these two models are fullycompatible with each other to reduce the costs of goods preparation for the network. In these two models, the SmartAX MA5680T provides 16 service slots and the SmartAX MA5683T provides 6 service slots.

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Large-capacity shared platform

The MA5680T series provide the large-capacityshared platform that supports a high-speed switching capacity

Developed based on the iMAP hardware platform and the IAS software platform of Huawei, the MA5680T series adopt advanced architecture and design.

The switching capacity of the backplane is up to 3.2 Tbit/s.

The bidirectional switching capacity of the control board is up to 480 Gbit/s.

The GPBD board supports eight GPON ports and the entire subrack supports up to 8K ONTs.

The EPBD board supports eight EPON ports. Based on the 1:64 split ratio, the entire subrack supports up to 8K ONTs.

Sharing the development platform with Huawei's broadband access devices, the MA5680T series support the Layer 2 and Layer 3 features of the broadband access devices to provide user-oriented and future-oriented functions.

Powerful integrated GPON/EPON access capability

1. EPON access capability
The point to multi-point (P2MP) architecture is used to support the passive optical transmission over Ethernet. Symmetrical upstream and downstream rates of 1.25 Gbit/s are supported to provide the high-speed broadband services, meeting the bandwidth requirements of access users.
In the downstream direction, the bandwidth is shared by different users in the encrypted broadcast mode. In the upstream direction, time division multiplex(TDM) is used to share the bandwidth.
The MA5680T series support dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) with the granularity of 64 kbit/s. Therefore, the bandwidth of ONT terminal users can be dynamically allocated based on the user requirements.
The EPON system uses the passive optical transmission technology, and the optical splitter uses the P2MP mode and supports a split ratio of 1:64.
The supported transmission distance is up to 20 km.
The ranging technologycan be scheduled ranging, automatic ranging, or initial ranging.

2. GPON access capability
High rate is supported. The downstream rate is up to 2.488 Gbit/s and the upstream rate is up to 1.244 Gbit/s.
Long distance is supported. The maximum physical transmission distance of the ONT is 60 km. The physical distance between the farthest ONT and the nearest ONT can be up to 20 km.
High split ratio is supported. The 8-port GPON access board supports a split ratio of 1:128, which increases the capacity and saves the optical fiber resources.
High densityis supported. The MA5680T series provide the 8-port or 4-port GPON access board to increase the system capacity.
The H-QoS (hierarchical quality of service) function is supported to meet the SLA requirements of various commercial customers.

Powerful QoS capability

The MA5680T series provide the following powerful QoS solutions to facilitate the management of various services:

Supports prioritycontrol (based on the port, MAC address, IP address, TCP port ID, or UDP port ID), priority mapping and modification based on the ToS field and 802.1p, and DSCP differentiated services.

Supports bandwidth control (based on the port, MAC address, IP address, TCP port ID, or UDP port ID) with a control granularity of 64 kbit/s. Supports three queue scheduling modes: priority queue (PQ), weighted round robin (WRR), and PQ+WRR.

Supports HQoS, which assures the multi-service bandwidth for multiple users: The first level assures the user bandwidth, and the second level assures the bandwidth for each service of each user. This ensures that the assured bandwidth is allocated absolutely and the burst bandwidth is allocated fairly.

Comprehensive security assurance measures

The MA5680T series meet the securityrequirements of the telecommunication services, fully use the security protocols, and fully ensure the security of the system and the user.
1. System security measure
Protection against the DoS (denial of service) attack
MAC (media access control) address filtering
Anti-ICMP/IP packet attack
Source address routing filtering
2. User security measure
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Option 82 to enhance the DHCP security
Binding between MAC/IP addresses and ports
Anti-MAC spoofing and anti-IP spoofing
Authentication based on the serial number (SN) and password of the ONU/ONT
Triple churning encryption
Encrypted broadcast transmission in the GPON downstream direction for different users, such as AES (advanced encryption standard) 128-bit encryption
GPON type B OLT dual homing
Smart link and monitor link for the network with dual upstream channels

Flexible network topology

As a multi-service access platform, the MA5680T series support multiple access modes and multiple network topologies to meet users' network topologyrequirements on different environment and services.

Carrier-class reliability design

The system reliability of the MA5680T series is taken into consideration in the system, hardware, and software designs to ensure that the device runs in the normal state. The MA5680T series:
Provides the lightning-proof and anti-interference functions.
Supports fault pre-warning on the exhaustive (consumed) units and parts, such as the fan, power supply, and battery.
The 1+1 (type B) protection for the PON port and the 50 ms level service protection switchover for the backbone optical fiber are supported.
Supports in-service upgrade.
Supports high temperature detection to ensure the system safety.
The functions of querying the board temperature, setting the temperature threshold, and high temperature shutdown are supported.
Adopts 1+1 redundancy backup for the control board and the upstream interface board.
Supports hot swappable for all service boards and the control boards.
Provides soft-start circuit, protective circuit, current-limit protection, and short circuit protection for the input power of the boards in the subrack to protect the boards against lightning strikes and surges.
Supports GPON type B/type C OLT dual homing.
Supports smart link and monitor link for the network with dual upstream channels.

System performance

Backplane capacity: 3.2 Tbit/s; switching capacity: 960 Gbit/s; MAC address capacity: 512 K
Layer 2/Layer 3 line rate forwarding
BITS/E1/STM-1/Ethernet clock synchronization mode and IEEE 1588v2 clock synchronization mode

EPON access board

Adopts the design of 4-port or 8-port high-density board.
Supports the SFP pluggable optical module (PX20/PX20+ power module is preferred).
Supports a maximum split ratio of 1:64.
Provides the capability of processing 8 k streams.
Supports optical power detection.
Adopts the unique traffic processing technologyto meet the requirement of processing various VLANs.

GPON access board

Adopts the design of 8-port high-density GPON board.
Supports the SFP pluggable optical module (class B/class B+/class C+ power module is preferred).
Supports 4 k GEM ports and 1 k T-CONTs.
Supports a maximum split ratio of 1:128.
Supports the detection and isolation of the ONT that works in the continuous mode.
Supports the flexible DBA working mode, and the low-delay or high-bandwidth efficiency mode.

100M Ethernet P2P access board

Supports 48 FE ports and the SFP pluggable optical module on each board.
Supports the single-fiber bidirectional optical module.
Supports the DHCP option 82 relay agent and the PPPoE relay agent.
Supports Ethernet OAM.

Subrack dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)

MA5680T subrack: 490 mm x 275.8 mm x 447.2 mm
MA5683T subrack: 442 mm x 283.2 mm x 263.9 mm

Running environment

Operating ambient temperature: –25°C to +55°C

Power input

–48 VDC and dual power input ports (supported)
Operating voltage range: –38.4 V to –72 V

Huawei MA5683T is a aggregation Optical Line Terminal (OLT), it supports up to 6 service slots and can support maximum 12,000 subscribers (GPON). A typical MA5683T configuration includes one MA5683T Chassis, two Main Control Board SCUN/SCUK, two Power Board PRTE, one uplink board GICF (2 GE Optical with SFP Module), one 8 Port GPON board GPBD (with C+ SFP Module). This series features the industry’s first aggregation Optical Line Terminal (OLT), integrating ultra-high aggregation and switching capabilities, supporting 3.2T backplane capacity, 960G switching capacity, 512K MAC addresses, and a maximum of 44-channel 10 GE access or 768 GE ports.

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Convergence and access integration

Provides super large convergence switching capacity. Specifically, an MA5600T series device supports 1.5 Tbit/s backplane capacity, 960 Gbit/s switching capacity, and 512,000 MAC addresses.

Provides super high-density cascading capability. Specifically, an MA5683T device support a maximum of 24 x 10GE or 288 GE services, with no additional convergence switches.

High reliability

Provides highly reliable networking capabilities and ensures dual-OLT hot backup, remote disaster tolerance, and service upgrades without interruption.

Provides comprehensive Quality of Service (QoS) functions and supports traffic classification management, priority control, and bandwidth control. The Hierarchical-Quality of Service (H-QoS) function meets various Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements of commercial customers.

Provides an End-to-End (E2E) highly reliable design, enabling Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD), Smart Link, Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) redundancy protection and GPON type B/type C line protection in the upstream direction.

Multi-scenario access

Supports access of multiple E1 private line services, and Native Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) or Circuit Emulation Services over Packet (CESoP)/ Structure-Agnostic TDM over Packet (SAToP) function.

Supports the Emulated Local Area Network (ELAN) function and Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)-based internal traffic exchange, satisfying enterprise and community network application requirements.

Supports non-convergence access of Internet Protocol television (IPTV) users. One subrack supports 8,000 multicast users and 4,000 multicast channels.

Smooth evolution

Supports GPON, 10G Passive Optical Network (PON), and 40G PON on a platform, enabling smooth evolution and achieving ultra-bandwidth access.

Supports IPv4/IPv6 dual stacks and IPv6 multicast, enabling smooth evolution from IPv4 to IPv6.

Energy saving

Uses special chips for conserving power. Specifically, 16 ports on a GPON board consume less than 73 W of power.

Supports idle board automatic power-off and intelligent fan speed adjustment, effectively lowering idle board power consumption.

System Performance

1.5T bit/s backplane capacity, 960G bit/s switch capacity, 512K MAC addresses

Line speed L2/L3 switching

Static route/RIP/OSPF/MPLS

TDM private line service with Native TDM or CESoP

BITS/E1/STM-1/Ethernet Synchronization/IEEE 1588v2/1PPS+ToD

GPON Line Card

8/16*port per card with pluggable SFP optical module(Class B+ or Class C+ are optional)

Up to 1:128 splitting ratio

Bidirectional FEC

ONU-based and queue-based traffic shaping

Rogue ONT detection and isolation

Type B / Type C protection and Type C dual-homing

Optical power meter (can support ±1dB precision)

eOTDR (1:8 splitting ratio)

10G GPON Line Card

4*port per card with pluggable XFP optical module

Up to 1:128 splitting ratio (N1)

Bidirectional FEC

Rogue ONT detection and isolation

Type B / Type C protection and Type C dual-homing

Coexist with GPON

Ethernet P2P Line Card

48 port per card with CSFP optical module, 768 ports per shelf

Port-based and queue-based traffic shaping

Single fiber double direction access, 100Mbit/s or 1000Mbit/s per port

DHCP Option 82 relay agent and PPPoE relay agent

Ethernet OAM

Ethernet synchronization

Shelf Dimensions

263 mm x 442 mm x 283.2 mm(H x W x D)

Operating Environment

–40°C to +65°C
5% RH to 95% RH


–48V DC power input
Dual-power supply protection
Operating voltage range of –38.4V to –72V

Switching Capacity — Backplane Bus

1.5 Tbit/s

Access Capacity

24 x 10G GPON
96 x GPON
288 x GE

Port Type

Upstream ports: 10 GE optical and GE optical/electrical ports
Service ports: GPON optical port, P2P FE optical port, P2P GE optical port, and Ethernet optical port

System Performance

Layer 2/Layer 3 line-rate forwarding
Static route, RIP, OSPF, and MPLS
Clock synchronization schemes: BITS, E1, STM-1, Ethernet clock synchronization, 1588v2, and 1PPS + ToD
Maximum split ratio of 1:256
Maximum logical distance between devices: 60 km

The MA5608T Mini OLT is designed to address Fiber to the premise (FTTP) or deep fiber deployment scenarios where a large OLT chassis may not be the best fit for a variety of reasons. Huawei’s mini OLT MA5608T is designed to be the perfect complement to the other MA5600 series larger OLTs and offers the same carrier grade features and performance.
MA5608T’s compact and front access design make it an ideal solution for deployments in locations such as space-constrained huts, outdoor cabinets or building basements. It has AC and DC powering options, extended temperature range, and offers easy installation. Designed to support ever-increasing bandwidth demand, MA5608T has 200 Gbps backplane. The combination of the high-capacity and line interfaces with best-in-class performance allows the operators to deliver a range of services for maximum revenue at highly competitive cost points.
The MA5608T shares the same product architecture with the MA5600 series OLTs to allow seamless network growth. It features:
• Shared services cards including GPON, XG-PON1 and VDSL2+POTS Combo. Any card, any slot in any combination.
• Dual switching and control cards for redundancy and loadsharing with GE and 10GE uplinks.
• Same software features and functions as other MA5600 series OLTs and interoperability with a large suite of ONTs, DSL CPEs, and Softswitches for voice service.

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Compact and modular design

2 RU, 19” rack mounting, 12” depth.

I/O Slots: 2 slots for service cards, 2 slots for switch and control cards, 1 slot for redundant power input.

Switch and control card with uplink ports: 60 Gbps switch card with integrated 2 port 10GbE and 2 port 1GbE WAN uplinks.

Service cards: 8 or 16 port GPON, 4 port XG-PON1, 48 port VDSL2+POTS Combo.

All service cards are interchangeable with other MA5600 Series OLTs.

Large capacity in Small Size

200 Gbps backplane
20 Gbps/slot capacity
120 Gbps load sharing switching capacity
2x10 Gbps uplink capacity.

Advanced Layer 2 Functions

QoS with traffic classification and L2 forwarding policy
Standard VLAN, QinQ VLAN, VLAN stacking
Flexible QinQ VLAN tagging
DHCP Option 82 in L2 mode
MEF-9 & MEF-14 certification

L3 Functions for maximum deployment flexibility

ARP, ARP proxy
DHCP relay, DHCP proxy
Static routing
Dynamic routing: RIP, OSPF, ECMP
Multicast: IGMP v2/v3, IGMP proxy, IGMP snooping

High Reliability

WAN uplink redundancy: BFD, MSTP, LACP, RSTP, RRPP Fiber redundancy with 50ms switchover
Carrier Class Availability: Dual switch and control card, dual power input, PON port redundancy


16 ports per card or 8 ports per card
Robust Compliance to G.984 Series standards with 2.5/1.2 Gbps downstream and 1.2Gbps line speed performance
Support for B+ or C+ optical modules (SFPs) with max 40km differential distance
Up to 1:128 split ratio per GPON port
Optical Power Monitoring, Real Time Rogue ONT detection/isolation


4 ports per card
Fully compatible with GPON - compliance G.987 Series standards with 10/2.5 Gbps line speed performance
Supports XFP optical modules


48 VDSL2 and POTS integrated ports with up to 17a profile
Two-pair bonding for maximum speed
G.INP (G.998.4) support for re-transmission at the physical layer
Built-in support for SELT, DELT, and MELT
POTS line Loop-Start Operation
Ringing Mode – Balanced ringing with -15VDC offset on "Ring"
Multiple CODECs – G.711 (µ-Law and A-Law), G.729, G.723, G.726

Powering Options

DC: -38.4VDC to -72VDC; AC: 100V to 240V


3.47in x 17.4in x 9.63in (Height x Width x Depth)

Operating Temperature

-40º F to +149º F

Storage Temperature

-40º F to +158º F


Two multispeed fans, providing left to right forced air flow

Operating Humidity

5% to 85%, non-condensing, Altitude: 197 ft (60 m) below sea level to 13,123 ft (4,000 m) above sea level

Regulatory and Safety

UL listed, FCC, NEBS Level 3

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