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IBM SFP Transceivers support Ethernet Standard1000Base-T. These come with RJ-45 connector and operate at input wavelength of 850 nm and operational temperature range of 0 to 70 degree Celsius. Cozlink SFP 1000Base-T transceivers with RJ 45 connector are completely compatible with IBM SFP modules. IBM SFP Transceivers optimize use of network resources by allowing more applications to work per server. These are short range transceivers providing connectivity up to a distance of 328 ft over a multimode fiber are hot-pluggable interconnects best suited for various kinds of network operating systems and data centre network updations. Cozlink produces SFP Transceivers that are MSA approved, RoHS compliant and can be used interchangeably with all SFP brands such as HP, Finisar, Prolabs, Juniper and Brocade etc. that do not have many compatibility requirements.

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